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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Still no internet

so I’m on my phone. I waited for the cable/internet installer for hours then called and got a recording saying I had not been home for the install 😡 The company is supposed to send someone out Thursday afternoon now. We shall see.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


I’ve been using my phone as a hotspot so I can get online but it’s not working now. The internet installer is supposed to be here tomorrow between 10-2 (uh huh) so I’m going to post an installment tomorrow. My phone has unlimited data but I guess the hotspotting is not all that I had hoped it was. Well. Internet tomorrow. No way can I type all the installment on my phone. I’ll keep writing on the installment tonight though. Had. New idea pop up as I was working on it so I’m off on that thread!


I'm late with it, but it's still happening-- 'it' being the weekly Amazon GC contest! This one will run through May 2nd, so everyone has time to enter.

There will be TWO $5 gift certificates given out, and the winners will be announced Wednesday, May 3rd, around 6 PM Mountain time. All you gotta do to enter is comment on this post!

Good luck!

Friday, April 20, 2018


I will have regular installments back up and running next week. Between all the chaos this week, I've just been short on time.

I'll have a new contest next week, too!

 I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend ***mwah***

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sun Shift Ch. 18 ***NSFW***

Copyright 2018
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Eighteen

Jacob stood and brushed his hair. The matts had been brushed out by Cali last week, and Jacob had taken care with his appearance, as much as he could. The bruises were almost gone from his face; he still had a few darker ones on his torso, proof, Cali had said, of how resilient he was. 
Jacob snorted. He could have done without that kind of proof, and he wasn’t even sure what Cali had meant by that anyway. If he was really resilient, he would have healed up in days and been bounding around like a good wolf. 
Instead, he was just getting to where he could walk to the bathroom and back without feeling exhausted. 
And he’d had two seizures in the past week, not that he remembered them. Once, he’d been talking to Cali, then there’d been a buzzing in his head and the next thing he knew, he’d come to on the floor, dazed and confused, with Cali holding him and murmuring words that Jacob hadn’t been able to make out for several minutes. 
The second time, he’d been almost asleep. He didn’t know what was causing his seizures. Like he’d told Cali, he’d never had them before arriving at the refuge. 
But Cali had posed a pertinent question—how could Jacob be sure?
Jacob stared at his reflection as he ran the brush through his hair again. That question had been bothering him ever since Cali had asked it. 
He set the brush down and studied himself in the mirror, wondering if there was anything about him that Cali might eventually come to want. Cali had been a saint, caring for him, but that sizzle of attraction that had strung tight between them a week ago hadn’t recurred. 
Had he done something to destroy it? Jacob sighed and began braiding his hair. It was staticky and clung to his fingers, snapping every now and then. Before Jacob was halfway done, someone knocked on the bathroom door. 
Not someone. He knew who it was. 
“Jacob? Do you need any help?”
Jacob grimaced even as his heartbeat picked up. He wanted him to seek him out not because Cali was worried, but because he wanted to see Jacob, because he wanted Jacob—
Jacob sighed. “I’m fine. Just trying to braid my hair.” 
There was a moment of silence, then, “Can I help?”
Why would—“Yeah, sure.” Jacob’s mouth didn’t wait on his brain. “Come in.” 
What the hell had he just done? Now Cali would think he couldn’t even fix his own stupid hair. 
The door opened and Cali stepped into the bathroom. His soft smile made Jacob’s insides fluttery. 
“Static, huh?” Cali chuckled. “I hate that shit, and I always have it until—” He stopped beside Jacob and reached for the mirrored cabinet to the left. “This stuff. I should have set it out for you sooner.” The bottle of product wasn’t anything Jacob had heard of before. 
Cali uncapped it and poured a little bit onto his palm. “Smells good, too. Here.” He held his hand up to Jacob. A thick, white glob of goop was puddled there. 
And Jacob couldn’t have said who was more startled by his outburst of laughter, Cali, or himself. 
But it looked like spunk, even if he caught a whiff of coconut and vanilla as he giggled. He glanced up at Cali, and something in his gaze silenced Jacob. Not because he was afraid. It wasn’t fear zipping through his body and sending blood rushing to his cock. 
It wasn’t fear at all.
Cali’s eyes had narrowed, and his nostrils flared as he inhaled. 
Jacob was drawn back to a week ago, when Cali had looked very much the same as he did now. 
That taut, hot arc of attraction was back, and Jacob tingled all over even as his cock grew fully erect, pushing against the worn cotton of the pajamas he wore. 
Cali’s pajamas. 
Cali’s expression was tense, but his eyes gave away the desire he felt. Jacob couldn’t have missed it unless he’d been out of his mind, or lost in it. 
He took a tiny step to the side, bringing him closer to Cali.
Cali took another deep breath, then he rumbled. “Jacob…” 
Jacob gulped, nodding. He didn’t know or care what he was saying yes to, he was just going to give Cali permission to do…whatever. 
Cali growled, the sound soft but rough. “When you laugh, you’re irresistible. I’ve tried, tried to—” Cali wiped the goop onto his own shirt, then he slid both hands into Jacob’s hair. “Jacob.” 
Jacob couldn’t keep his eyes open. “Please,” he begged as he swayed toward Cali. 
Then his was pressed against Cali, against all those firm muscles and warm skin, against the man who occupied almost all of Jacob’s waking thoughts, and many of his sleeping ones. 
Jacob rested his palms on Cali’s chest. He felt the rapid beat of his heart, the shift of his body…the press of his shaft, hard, hot, nudging Jacob’s belly. 
Jacob trembled, a slight moan of anticipation escaping him. 
Cali rumbled again. He slid his hands down Jacob’s neck, to his shoulders, down his arms, then around to Jacob’s lower back. 
And he nuzzled Jacob’s hair, his temple, his cheek—
Jacob whimpered, turning his head toward those lips, needing like he never had before. 
Cali kissed him then, a press of lips, over and over, nothing more at first until Jacob clutched at him, aching for more. 
Jacob parted his lips, offering Cali that intimacy, and Cali made an approving sound before he kissed Jacob again, licking into his mouth, then moaning, gliding his tongue over Jacob’s. 
Jacob had never been kissed, not more than a buss over his cheek or a violent bite at his lips. 
Not a kiss. 
Not like this. 
Not like he mattered. 
Not like he was precious. 
Too many thoughts collided in his head and Jacob shut down his thoughts, and simply felt. 
And participated. He couldn’t be still, had to take a part in this kiss. He moved closer, wanting to climb up Cali, to rut and rub and come. 
He kept himself in check, sort of, moving his hands over Cali’s arms, his hips, around to his lower back, up a few inches to finger the divot of his spine. 
Cali made the most delicious sounds, all predatory lover, although he didn’t hurt Jacob in the least. 
Cali turned them, then Jacob’s back was to the counter. Cali kissed him while gripping his hips and lifting Jacob. He plopped Jacob’s butt onto the counter, then stepped between Jacob’s spread legs. One big hand cupped Jacob’s cock through his pajamas, and Jacob jolted, surprised but too aroused to protest. 
Cali purred as he tilted his head, kissing Jacob deeper, with luxurious strokes of his tongue. He rubbed Jacob’s shaft, a gentle, firm movement that made all of Jacob’s bones go weak. Cali used his other hand to cap Jacob’s nape, and all the touch, all the tenderness and lust, tangled in Jacob’s gut. For a moment, fear coalesced there; he didn’t know what to do, what was acceptable, what he was allowed. He’d always been told, used for someone else’s pleasure, but this…this was about him. He felt it in every lick, every rub, every fiber of his being. 
And he didn’t know what to do!
Cali raised his head and Jacob mewled in protest. Confused or not, he wanted Cali! 
Cali nuzzled his cheek again, and brushed his nose alongside Jacob’s. “Let go. Let me give you this.”
Give me—Jacob moaned and arched his neck as Cali kissed him there. 
Cali began moving, and Jacob opened his eyes. For a second, everything was blurry, then he looked down and gasped. Cali stared up at him, a wicked look in his eyes.
Jacob opened his mouth to ask what Cali was doing. Cali licked his belly, tongued his navel, and Jacob forgot how to talk. 
Forgot how to breath when Cali kept licking down, down, over his waistband, over the opening at the front of the pj’s. 
He cried out as Cali nuzzled into that opened and licked his cock. 
“Smell so good,” he thought he heard Cali say before his pulse thundered in his ears. Cali was touching him, touching his shaft, licking it, working the head out the opening of the pajamas. Jacob squeaked, his breath stuttering to a halt as Cali laved his tip. 
“Pretty prick. Love the way you taste.” 
Jacob must have been delusional. 
He hoped he stayed that way. He didn’t want to come back to a reality where things like this had never happened to him. 
Cali tongued his slit and Jacob cried out, grabbing onto Cali’s shoulders. 
“Yes, baby. Hold onto me.” Cali sucked the entire head into his mouth. 
Jacob shattered. He came without warning, unable to shout since his breath was gone. Ecstasy enveloped him as his orgasm slammed through him in a great wave, then lesser waves, until he was left pleasantly weak and exhausted. 
He was vaguely aware that he was being lifted, held close. He needed to take care of Cali, please him, but Cali scooped him up in his arms and murmured, “Rest.”
Jacob’s tired brain and body didn’t want to resist that command. There was a cacophony of emotions and questions and doubts clamoring for Jacob’s attention; none of them could conquer the pleasant drowsiness that encompassed Jacob, or the comfort he felt in Cali’s arms. 


Sorry I'm late, we're moving into a new place this week, and yesterday I had to drive for 14 hours to pick up my daughter's car in Texas. So it's been crazy here.

The Amazon GC Winner, chosen via random.org, is Astrid! Congratulations, Astrid. Please email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com so I can send you your GC.

EBook winners are those who entered for it: Helen, Brandi, nikirenee, Tekikat. I'll get your books sent out tonight. Did I mention today is also Naomi/ST's birthday?!

Shorty Chelle said...
Amazon GC. Thank you for the chance Bailey. **huggz** <3
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Both. PDF please. Thanks. Good luck with your move. 
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OMG! Of course I want the pdf and GC:-) Thanks Bailey!
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Good luck with catch up on your writing, your move, and your jobs :). I would like a chance for the Amazon Gift Card! Thank you Bailey :)
Brandi said...
Is it greedy to say both please?! Epub.


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I would love a pdf. Thank you for the chance.
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I have April. Gift certificate, please. Thanks! Astrid
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Can I enter for both please
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Can I enter for both please from Eve

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sun Shift Ch. 17

Copyright 2018
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Seventeen

One word.
Just his name. 
It shouldn’t have had such an impact on him, but even without the scent of Jacob’s arousal, without the clear want in his eyes, the way Jacob said his name threatened to demolish Cali’s restraint. 
But as much as he yearned to reach for Jacob, to pull him into his arms and feel Jacob’s warmth against him, Cali grasped his self-control firmly. It was only yesterday that he’d had to help Jacob walk to the bathroom. It was only yesterday that Jacob had been so weak he’d barely been able to get up. 
Cali settled for cupping Jacob’s cheek and gently brushing his thumb over Jacob’s healing bottom lip. It was hard to tell for certain with the swelling, but Cali bet it’d be full and plump once the split had healed. 
Jacob whimpered, his eyes closing as he rubbed his cheek against Cali’s hand. 
Then he turned his head and licked. The wet, hot glide of Jacob’s tongue over his skin rattled Cali, shook his control as need flared through him like a wildfire fueled by the wind. 
“Jacob, you—” Cali bit back a moan when Jacob licked him again. “You’re not—” Jacob nipped at his palm. 
Cali very nearly forgot his good intentions as he growled. He wanted to push Jacob over onto his belly and take what Jacob was trying to give him. 
Except he remembered the way Jacob’s legs trembled as he stood, the strain in his features after he’d taken care of himself in the bathroom. It hadn’t been all that long since Cali’d had to feed him because Jacob’s arms were too weak for even that. 
There was no way he’d fuck Jacob right now. 
And for all he knew, after the nightmares and terrors Jacob had, Jacob might not truly want him. Security? Yes. Comfort? That too. Or maybe he felt like he owed Cali sex. Even though Jacob was emitting a strong scent of arousal, that didn’t mean he couldn’t feel obligated. 
Until Cali knew without a doubt that Jacob was in a good place, a secure enough place in his mind to make a decision about sex, he wouldn’t risk taking advantage. 
Jacob opened his eyes and nipped him again.
Cali smiled at him. “Jacob.” 
“Mm?” Jacob licked him again. 
Strangely enough, while Cali was still aroused, he also felt something else—something new he couldn’t define, along with a protective urge and affection that he had no desire to suppress. 
He wouldn’t take advantage of Jacob. Whether Jacob realized it or not, there was an inequality in power between them, or Cali feared there was. He couldn’t—wouldn’t—be the alpha Jacob had lost. 
Cali needed to work things out in his own head before he acted on his desire for Jacob, and he absolutely needed to know Jacob wanted him, not a replacement for what or who he’d lost. And that Jacob wanted him for the right reasons. 
Jacob swirled his tongue around Cali’s pinky. 
Cali’s cock grew hard in seconds, but he was more than his libido. Much more. “Jacob.” 
Jacob stopped sucking and eased is head back. A wary expression darkened his features. “I-I’m sor—”
“No.” Cali touched Jacob’s lips. “Don’t. Please don’t.” I want you, little wolf. Gods, do I want you. “Don’t apologize.”
Jacob averted his gaze. “You don’t want me. I feel like such an idiot. I thought—but why would you?”
Cali slipped his hand down so he could cup Jacob’s chin. “You’re not an idiot. You’re amazing, and stronger than anyone I’ve known.”
“But you don’t want me.” It wasn’t a question. 
“Jacob.” Cali’s heart ached for him. “You need to heal. You’ve been through a lot—”
“Ha!” Jacob glared at him then. “Too much for you, huh?”
Cali shook his head. “No. Too much for you. You need to heal, physically, emotionally.” 
“Mentally. You think I’m broken.” Jacob’s eyes teared up. “Too weak.”
“I do not,” Cali countered. “I meant what I said. You’re stronger than anyone I’ve known. Whatever is haunting you, you’ll conquer it.”
Those tears slipped free, and Cali’s heart broke for Jacob. 
“You will,” he murmured as he stretched out beside Jacob, unable to leave him hurting, alone. “I promise, you will.” 
Jacob shook his head and swiped at the tears. “I-I c-can’t—”
“Come here. Let me hold you.” Cali opened his arms. His own eyes stung with unshed tears, and he hated that he couldn’t help Jacob any more than he was doing.  
Jacob moved into his arms and rested his head against Cali’s chest. He clutched at Cali’s waist. “You really think I’ll get better? That I’m not…I’m not c-crazy?”
Cali couldn’t resist kissing the top of Jacob’s head, feeling the soft, silky strands of his hair against his lips. “I know you’ll get better, and no, you aren’t crazy. I don’t care for that word at all. It’s used as an insult or a joke instead of compassion and understanding taking its place. Our brains have to heal just as surely as our bodies do. Sometimes that’s not possible. It’s not a weakness of character if it doesn’t or can’t happen.” 
He felt the hot slide of Jacob’s tears on his chest, then Jacob shuddered, and ragged sobs escaped him. 
Cali held him, murmuring over and over how strong and amazing he was even as his own tears slid down his cheeks. 

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